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Why do we spend our time and energy on treatments to make us look and feel physically good (facials, hair cuts etc.) yet we compromise on the time and investment we apply to our mental wellbeing?


Mental fatigue affects most of us at some point in our lives, hence it is important to take care of our mind.

Introducing Mental Massage...

What is a 'Mental Massage'?

Mental Massage is borne out of the theory of applying the concept of conventional massage and therapy to our mind in order to create a simple but highly effective approach to relaxation, restoration, and revitalisation. Simply known as the three 'R's.

Mental Massage allows your mind to naturally heal and restore, giving you the chance to evaluate your life and wellbeing and make any changes mentally you feel necessary. It unlocks your ability to improve your capacity for life.

It's a 45 minute deep-relaxation session, where we focus on closing the eyes, breathing slowly, and relaxing the mind to help release any built-up negativity. 

Is it a physical therapy?

No. Although I've used the term 'Massage', it's not a physical process. Like a good massage can help get rid of a knot in your shoulder, Mental Massage focuses on getting rid of the built up tension in your mind, by placing emphasis on slow breathing and relaxation, in a mental therapy format. Long term, this can have a dramatic effect and improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

How could a Mental Massage benefit me? 

When we encounter stress, our body produces stress hormones triggering a fight or flight response. This activates our immune system, helping us respond quickly to dangerous situations. Sometimes this stress response can be useful, for example when needed to help us push through fear if delivering a speech. These stress hormones will go back to normal quickly once the stressful event is over, without any lasting effects. However, too much stress can leave us in a permanent state of fight or flight, leaving us overwhelmed and unable to cope. 

This is where Mental Massage comes in. A Mental Massage provides you with all the positive feelings you get from your own unique relaxation method, together with the ability to focus entirely on yourself and rebalance your mind.


Once your mind is relaxed, restored and revitalised, incredible things can happen, including:

  • A total reboot of your mind

  • A feeling of reaching total relaxation

  • Less stress in your everyday life

  • The ability to refocus the mind and prioritise

  • The ability to retake control of your day

  • Better quality of sleep

  • Reduced overthinking

Why not dedicate just 45 minutes a week, month or even year to yourself which will leave you feeling like you've just been on week-long retreat?

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