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What do people say about Mental Massage? 

"Amazing experience, my 1st 'mental massage' Angie completely put me at ease and thoroughly relaxing. I'll definitely do it again" SIMON

Coming to Mental Massage with Angela has given me back some control. It is my time, to think about me, soothe me and heal me after loosing my husband. It focus's my mind on the inner me through method and thought. Its relaxing yet exhausting all at the same time. I didn't believe I could sit for an hour and concentrate on myself through emptying the mind, breathing and imagining scenarios. Mental Massage has allowed this to happen through technique, voice, and strategies and coping mechanisms to use. I think initially I was sceptical that Mental Massage would have any beneficial effect on me, as I believed I was too strong and could manage on my wrong I was. Ange is my secret weapon. SARAH